Are Pest Control Franchise Opportunities ‘The Next Big Thing’?

Are Pest Control Franchise Opportunities ‘The Next Big Thing’?

What makes pest control franchise opportunities the ‘Next Big Thing’?

According to a new report by MarketsandMarkets Research, the pest control market was valued at $19.3 billion in 2018 and grew at an impressive CAGR of 5.04% through 2019.

This impressive growth is owed to a number of factors, including:

  • The emergence of biological insecticides/environmentally friendly pest control solutions, which appeal to wider audiences (particularly Millennials) who value “green” business practices.
  • Increasing awareness of public health is compelling people to invest more in residential and commercial pest control services.
  • Research by the Journal of Economic Entomology states that bed bug infestations are on the rise. These findings echo those published in the Speciality Consultants report, “A Strategic Analysis of the US Structural Pest Control Industry,” which states that service revenue from controlling bed bugs increased by 6.6% last year.
  • Mild summer and winter weather made life easier for all kinds of pests and rodents, which allowed populations to proliferate. Service revenue from controlling rats and mice in commercial and residential accounts exceed $800 million.
  • Demand for mosquito-control services was especially strong from 2016-2018, with revenues from residential barriers treatments up 12.6%.

But the pest control market hasn’t peaked–not even close. Researchers predict that the total value of the pest control market will exceed $27.5 billion by 2025. With steady growth on the horizon and time left to get your business up and running, today’s the day to look further into local pest control franchise opportunities.

Why Are Pest Control Franchise Opportunities So Popular?

Here’s a few reasons why pest control franchise opportunities are so popular in 2019:

  • Pest control franchise opportunities are extremely affordable. Pestmaster franchise owners have the option of starting their business from home with minimal equipment and no additional employees, which eliminates a huge chunk of overhead and start-up cost. Most pest control franchise opportunities require a total initial investment of $30,000 to $85,000, which includes the franchise fee plus a liquid cash reserve to cover any shortfalls or emergencies in the early months.
  • Pest control franchise opportunities are available across the country. Pests are a part of life all over the country, which means pest control businesses are viable just about anywhere.
  • Pestmaster franchise opportunities set you up for success. In addition to the usual franchise perks (a proven system, training and support, national brand recognition, etc), Pestmaster is a GSA Contract Holder, which means your business will be part of an elite group of service providers trusted to work for government facilities and entities across the country and internationally. We are one of only 22 small business enterprise pest control companies on the GSA schedule.
  • Existing business owners can leverage pest control franchise opportunities. Another reason that pest control franchise opportunities are so popular is because it’s so easy for active pest control business owners to make the switch. We offer big start-up discounts for those who do.

Learn More About Pest Control Franchise Opportunities Near You

Visit the Pestmaster Franchise Homepage or call 805-525-8866 to speak with a Pestmaster representative and learn more about what entrepreneurs love about our opportunity!




Pestmaster is both an innovative and environmentally sensitive pest management services provider. With a unique, progressive, and extremely successful franchise business model, Pestmaster professionals provide state of the art, scientifically-based integrated pest management solutions for the most challenging pestiferous problems. Pestmaster, a 21st century organization that is leading the way in the fast growing pest management industry.

Dr. Stuart Mitchell | BCE

I’ve been in the industry for years and I can’t tell you just how valuable the Pestmaster franchise opportunity really is. I have much greater access to identifying and getting potent government contracts with the help and assistance from the corporate office. We would not be nearly as successful as we are today, had we not purchased a Pestmaster Franchise.

Wayne Holliday & Tommy Houk | Pestmaster® Services of Lake City & Gainesville, FL

In today’s pest control business environment, we all need some sort of competitive edge and Pestmaster has definitely given us the edge we needed to set us apart from the competition.

Bart Van Diepen | Pestmaster® Services of Northern San Diego, CA

Pestmaster® has been the best investment I’ve ever made in my life!

Barrett Alley | Pestmaster® Services of Kingston, NY

We had options, but if we hadn’t decided on a Pestmaster Services franchise, we could not have gone from just one to several employees in less than one year of purchasing the franchise. Without the franchise, we would not have known about the high-dollar pest control services opportunities such as West Point Academy and we would certainly not have become the successful contract bidder that we are today.

Paul Alley | Pestmaster® Services of Kingston, NY

I owned my own small pest control business for six years before I decided to buy a national brand franchise. The amount of business I was able to produce in those six years was doubled in just my first year with Pestmaster Services. Joining the Pestmaster brand was an excellent choice for me and for the future of my business.

Chris Nelson | Pestmaster® Services ®of Salt Lake City, UT
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