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Build Or Borrow? How To Make The Best Pest Control Business Plan

Build Or Borrow? How To Make The Best Pest Control Business Plan

Building your own pest control business plan can be rewarding, but it’s not for everyone. Today’s post explains 3 reasons to “borrow” our proven pest control business plan as a Pestmaster partner.

#1 – Superior Market Research

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20% fail in their first year, and about 50% of small businesses fail in their fifth year, largely due to insufficient market research. Clearly, before you invest in a business, you need to know the demand is there.

Fortunately, finding demand for pest control services is incredibly easy in 2020. Between 2013 and 2018, the U.S. pest control industry grew by 2.8 percent, according to Statista research. This echoes findings from the Speciality Products Consultants report A Strategic Analysis of the U.S. Structural Pest Control Industry, which estimates revenues increasing from $7.47 billion in annual billing in 2014 to over $9 billion today. In other words, the industry is booming, and franchise opportunities are currently available in markets across America.

Nevertheless, whether you’re building your own business plan or considering partnering with our team, we recommend you check out the Pestmaster Facts and Figures page to learn more about the industry’s exciting supply-and-demand dynamics. We’ve synthesized findings from top pest control associations and researchers, then combined them with our own revenue reports and operator accounts to create valuable insights that independent research from industry outside can’t match.

#2 – Better Cost Control During Business Start-up

Controlling costs during the pre-opening phase will be a constant challenge for self-starters. Overspending at this stage, when no revenue is being generated, can be disastrous. Many businesses close without ever truly opening due to mismanaging their pre-opening investments.

Partnering with Pestmaster and “borrowing” our start-up process guarantees exceptional cost-control during the pre-opening period. That’s because our start-up process has been fine tuned for the past 30+ years to minimize overhead and cut the fat. Our current model requires no additional staff, minimal equipment, and the business can be run entirely out of the home. We’ve also developed fruitful relationships with local vendors, which means we’re able to pass the savings on to our owners in the form of significant product discounts.

All told, most owners’ total initial investment ranges between $30,000 and $85,000, which includes the franchise fee and all other necessary start-up costs. That’s a fraction of what you’d need going it alone, where every mistake can cost you.

#3 – Hit The Ground Running With High-performance Marketing

Factoring marketing into your business plan requires a whole new skill set–and one that does not come naturally to all owners. And rightfully so, since marketing is an entire discipline in and of itself. If you’re not confident in your ability to conduct market research, profile target audiences, identify selling propositions, choose the right marketing avenues, monitor your budget, and review the results for “round two,” you’re probably better off “borrowing” your marketing plan from an established brand.

Pestmaster includes a high-performance marketing plan as part of every pest control business plan. Leads are generated in various ways–Internet, social media, radio, word-of-mouth, direct mail, and more, all of which is covered in your training. And don’t forget Pestmasters national website, the marketing gift that keeps on giving, generating countless leads for our franchisees every year.

Discuss Your Pest Control Business Plan With Pestmaster

Want to learn more about the proven pest control business plan you can “borrow” and implement as a Pestmaster franchise owner?

Call 800-525-8866 or visit the Pestmaster Franchise website to book a free consultation with one of our representatives. There is never any pressure to buy–we just want to explain what we can do for you!



Pestmaster is both an innovative and environmentally sensitive pest management services provider. With a unique, progressive, and extremely successful franchise business model, Pestmaster professionals provide state of the art, scientifically-based integrated pest management solutions for the most challenging pestiferous problems. Pestmaster, a 21st century organization that is leading the way in the fast growing pest management industry.

Dr. Stuart Mitchell | BCE

I’ve been in the industry for years and I can’t tell you just how valuable the Pestmaster franchise opportunity really is. I have much greater access to identifying and getting potent government contracts with the help and assistance from the corporate office. We would not be nearly as successful as we are today, had we not purchased a Pestmaster Franchise.

Wayne Holliday & Tommy Houk | Pestmaster of Lake City & Gainesville, FL

Pestmaster® has been the best investment I’ve ever made in my life!

Barrett Alley | Pestmaster of Kingston, NY

We had options, but if we hadn’t decided on a Pestmaster franchise, we could not have gone from just one to several employees in less than one year of purchasing the franchise. Without the franchise, we would not have known about the high-dollar pest control services opportunities such as West Point Academy and we would certainly not have become the successful contract bidder that we are today.

Paul Alley | Pestmaster of Kingston, NY

I owned my own small pest control business for six years before I decided to buy a national brand franchise. The amount of business I was able to produce in those six years was doubled in just my first year with Pestmaster. Joining the Pestmaster brand was an excellent choice for me and for the future of my business.

Chris Nelson | Pestmaster of Salt Lake City, UT

I knew I was ready to start a business and looked for a long time but could not find my value-added proposition What could I do better than anyone else to distinguish me from the others in any industry? I have always been a technical person, so I was not confident in my ability to start a brand and market it. I also didn’t want to start from zero without help and support in my new adventure. For these reasons I looked into franchising opportunities and quickly found Pestmaster. They provided the value-added proposition, branding, marketing and support that I was looking for. The business model works and the people in the PFN will help you succeed.

Jerome Snyder | Pestmaster of Central New York

The Pestmaster Franchise Network has enabled me to secure government contracts and group pricing with several vendors. The training from our entomologist and combined experience is incredibly valuable. It is a great network of knowledge, experience, and Camaraderie.”

Justin Kendall | Pestmaster of Virginia Beach, Virginia
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