Our quality-focused and visionary company has a 39 year track record of increasing growth opportunity and profits. We have a strong culture rooted in trust, integrity and professionalism. As a company we make it a point to always use good judgement, fairness and common sense to meet business challenges. We are a nationwide leader in pest and vegetation control and have ranked in the top 100 pest control companies in the nation by PCT Magazine for the past 15 years. When you join our team you instantly qualify with these credentials thus giving your business the extra boost that is over and above the competition.

For existing pest control owners, join our team and we will assist you in building greater equity in your current business model. Pestmaster Services is ranked #1 in the nation Small Business Enterprise (SBE) for providing pest control services to the federal government. Whether you are new to the industry, or a seasoned veteran, we are dedicated to coaching you along the way to help you win government contracts to compliment your current commercial and residential clientele or to assist in building a strong book of business as a new Franchisee. You have a focused and talented team behind you at all times, who want nothing more than to make your business successful as quickly as possible. The road to success is already paved for you, so you won’t have to deal with the hurdles and headaches one would suffer on their own. If you possess an entrepreneurial spirit and are driven to succeed, you are the perfect match for Pestmaster Services. Let’s begin setting your course to success and financial freedom today. Call one of our franchise specialists, or simply request more information and we will be in touch with you today.

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Pestmaster is both an innovative and environmentally sensitive pest management services provider. With a unique, progressive, and extremely successful franchise business model, Pestmaster professionals provide state of the art, scientifically-based integrated pest management solutions for the most challenging pestiferous problems. Pestmaster, a 21st century organization that is leading the way in the fast growing pest management industry.

Dr. Stuart Mitchell | BCE

I’ve been in the industry for years and I can’t tell you just how valuable the Pestmaster franchise opportunity really is. I have much greater access to identifying and getting potent government contracts with the help and assistance from the corporate office. We would not be nearly as successful as we are today, had we not purchased a Pestmaster Franchise.

Wayne Holliday & Tommy Houk | Pestmaster® Services of Lake City & Gainesville, FL

In today’s pest control business environment, we all need some sort of competitive edge and Pestmaster has definitely given us the edge we needed to set us apart from the competition.

Bart Van Diepen | Pestmaster® Services of Northern San Diego, CA

Pestmaster® has been the best investment I’ve ever made in my life!

Barrett Alley | Pestmaster® Services of Kingston, NY

We had options, but if we hadn’t decided on a Pestmaster Services franchise, we could not have gone from just one to several employees in less than one year of purchasing the franchise. Without the franchise, we would not have known about the high-dollar pest control services opportunities such as West Point Academy and we would certainly not have become the successful contract bidder that we are today.

Paul Alley | Pestmaster® Services of Kingston, NY

I owned my own small pest control business for six years before I decided to buy a national brand franchise. The amount of business I was able to produce in those six years was doubled in just my first year with Pestmaster Services. Joining the Pestmaster brand was an excellent choice for me and for the future of my business.

Chris Nelson | Pestmaster® Services ®of Salt Lake City, UT
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TOP 100 listing of pest control companies
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TOP 100 listing of pest control companies
TOP 100 listing of pest control companies
TOP 100 listing of pest control companies
TOP 100 listing of pest control companies
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